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More information about the Caddo Lake Institute is located at the main Caddo Lake Institute Hompage.

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Lake Current Events

This site is the Technical Archive/Data Server.


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NOTE: This website contains historic materials assembled and posted by the Caddo Lake Institute, Colorado for programs it managed prior to 2006.  These materials, as well as other and later materials selected by the program successor, the Texas non-profit Caddo Lake Institute, can be found on its data server at

The main website for the Caddo Lake Institute is


The following is a summary of the digital environmental datalayers compiled and assembled on this Homepage. The electronic media versions of the databases are Arcview shapefiles and Erdas v7.5 (raster data). (With the exception of the scanned and rectified USGS Quad sheets, which are in TIFF World Format.) The files have been compressed using WinZipİ. A shareware version of this program is available at

The projection of the various vector layers is Universal Transvers Mercator (UTM), Zone 15. Each vector layer is available in NAD27 (CLARKE 1866) and NAD83 (GRS1980), with the NAD83 version of the layer ending with the number 83. The various raster layers are also in UTM, Zone 15. Each raster layer is only available in NAD27 (CLARKE 1866), with the exception of the scanned and rectified USGS Quad sheets, which are in NAD83 (GRS 1980). The map units for all layers are meters. (Projection Information)

Instructions for adding a datalayer to a view in Arcview v3.x.

The following is a list of the data files & layers on this homepage. Click the hypertext link (underlined) for a brief description of the data file and instructions on how to download data. Be sure to print data description for future use.

1996 Caddo Lake Ramsar Site Map

JPEG 360 DPI 16.5 MB
PostScript 3.32 MB

General Caddo Data

Topographic Quads*
Rectified Color Infrared Photograph
Thematic Mapper (TM) Satellite Imagery - 1993
USFWS 1980 NWI Habitat Data
1:100,000 USGS Digital Line Graphs
Karnack High School Wetland
Marshall High School Wetland
Louisiana & Texas County/Parish Boundaries
Wiley College Nature Trail
Caddo Lake State Park & Wildlife Management Area 

* Note: The link contains tif & tfw files which compose the 6 quad sheets that cover the Caddo Lake area.

Longhorn Data

Rectified Color Infrared Photography-Frame 1093
Rectified Color Infrared Photography-Frame 1073
Harrison Bayou Ecotones
Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant Ecotones
Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant Boundary
Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant Critical Species Sitings
Harrison Bayou Virgin Timber Stands
Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant Woodland Management Units

Projection Information

NAD27 Projection

Projection:  UTM
Zone:        15
Units:       meters
Datum:       Nad27
Spheroid:    Clarke1866

NAD83 Projection

Projection:  UTM
Zone:        15
Units:       meters
Datum:       Nad83
Spheroid:    GRS1980

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